The Nightingale Project brightens up the environment in health centres and hospitals through art and music. We see it as vital to bring life and colour into a hospital or clinic setting to provide a conducive setting for medical and therapeutic work.

To receive a patient in a healthcare environment which is cheerful and welcoming is an essential first step in treatment, a first step in the process of recovery. We are a charitable project that works primarily with CNWL NHS Foundation Trust to make the treatment environment in the Trust’s numerous sites more human and more uplifting for inpatients, outpatients, staff and visitors. We do this through putting on temporary exhibitions of high-quality art in waiting rooms, commissioning artists to produce beautiful works of art for permanent display in the wards, and through bringing musicians into hospitals to play live for the patients. The Project began at the South Kensington and Chelsea Mental Health Centre in 1998, and has since spread to numerous other sites. The Nightingale Project is a fund within the CNWL Charitable Fund, which is Registered Charity no 1082989.