Richard Rodney Bennett: Collages

In 2010 the Nightingale Project presented the first ever exhibition of Richard Rodney Bennett’s collages. Subsequently we assisted him in organising exhibitions of his collages at the Wimbledon Music Fesival, the Lewis Elton Gallery, Surrey, the Holt Festival, Norfolk, and the Swaledale Festival, Yorkshire.

Sir Richard Rodney Bennett was internationally known as a composer, of orchestral music and of film scores, as well as being a writer and performer of jazz cabaret songs. Until 2010, however, it was almost entirely unknown that he was also a visual artist, working in the medium of abstract collage. Sir Richard acknowledged the influence of Kurt Schwitters as well as several twentieth-century American collagists – Anne Ryan, Hannelore Baron, William Dole, Robert Nickle and Robert Courtright.

Sir Richard was a Patron of the Nightingale Project. He died in December 2012.

June - December 2010