Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service: St Charles Hospital

In 2018 the Grenfell Service has opened a second site to provide therapy services to people affected by the fire, at St Charles Hospital.

Once again the Nightingale Project was asked to create a welcoming reception area – a space that was not aloof and institutional, but one which felt friendly and approachable for the community, with whom CNWL NHS Trust is working closely in the design and provision of services. Our design guidance from the Trust was to incorporate the colour green, which has become strongly associated with Grenfell. This allowed us the opportunity to use trees, flowers and foliage as our subject matter, bringing nature into the clinical space.

London artist Chisato Tamabayashi painted tree murals directly onto the walls of the waiting area, using a specially designed set of leaf stencils. Kaho Kojima provided floral prints for the therapy rooms. And McQueen’s the Florist generousl​y donated a cherry-blossom tree installation, constructed on site, a perfect three-dimensional counterpoint to Chisato’s murals (see their other work).