Christopher Corr: Big Car, New Haircut, Places to See

Christopher Corr is a London-based painter and illustrator who travels the world painting people, colourful places, big cars, beautiful buildings and dogs.

Born in Camden Town in 1955, he studied at the Royal College of Art, and since then has exhibited many times at the Curwen Gallery and the Berkeley Square Gallery in London, as well as in other countries.

His clients include Qantas, Body Shop, Ikea and Eurostar, and he has published many illustrated books, such as The Arabian Nights and Ebby Meets Felicity. The Nightingale Project exhibition was a selection of his paintings of places such as India, Tahiti, the Comoros Islands, Cuba, Peru, and New York. His paintings are colourful, vivid and life-affirming, and several have been acquired for the Hospital at Chelsea. As a result of this exhibition, Christopher has also been commissioned to produce paintings for St Charles Hospital and the Woodland Centre, the older adults’ mental health unit at Hillingdon Hospital.