Camille Walala: Park Royal Centre for Mental Health

In 2017, the Nightingale Project welcomed the London-based French graphic artist Camille Walala to Park Royal Centre for Mental Health. The Centre had a plain, off-white reception area that lacked warmth and individuality. So we asked Camille to design a mural scheme to inject some life and love into this area. Later Camille returned to continue the theme up the stairwell and into the first floor lift lobby.

Camille created a colour palette that she had not previously used, selecting some softer colours to ensure that the first impression of the building was cheerful but not overpowering. The result was a sparkling, fresh new look for the building, much admired by patients and staff alike. One patient told us that while travelling to the Centre in an ambulance he felt very nervous, but when he walked into the reception area he said to himself, ‘Oh, this place is going to be alright!’ Camille’s designs had had an immediate calming and reassuring effect.


August 2017
Park Royal Centre for Mental Health