Quentin Blake

Sir Quentin Blake is Britain’s best-known illustrator. He is particularly well-known for his many collaborations with Roald Dahl, and has also produced many books for which he has been both author and illustrator, such as Mister Magnolia, Mrs Armitage, Cockatoos and The Green Ship.
In 2005 the Nightingale Project invited Quentin to create a series of pictures for Kershaw Ward, an older adults’ mental health ward, and following this project, Quentin continued to work on hospital wards and reception areas, creating new pictures for each situation, such as a children’s health centre or a specialist Eating Disorders unit. His work for hospital sites is described in his book Quentin Blake: Beyond the Page.

Many of the pictures Quentin has created for the Nightingale Project are available as signed artist’s prints, and by purchasing prints you support the work of the Project.